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Our dedicated Engineering team offers customized solutions of mechanical and structural engineering services for Design, Analysis and Re-rating of the following Static, Structural & Package to various industries.
Heat Exchanger Design, Analysis and Evaluation
Design and Analysis of Heat exchanger (“U” Tube, Fixed Tube sheet (with or without Thin/Thick expansion joints), Floating Head & all other TEMA Type) based on ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. -1 & TEMA Doing Local Load calculations for nozzles & supports as per WRC, PD5500etc.. Static Analysis of Vessels for Wind and Seismic Forces Re-rating of existing heat exchanger for a new set of design parameters.

Software used: PVElite Latest.Structural Design, Analysis and Evaluation. We support all phases of structural engineering design process . Right from design & modeling to analysis of preexisting design & construction documentation. Software used: STAAD-PRO Storage tank Design, Analysis and Evaluation : Design and Analysis of Storage Tank based on API 650 Design and Analysis of Low Pressure Storage Tank based on API 620 Software used: In-house developed & validated program in Spread Sheet.

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